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Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Day!

I hope everyone had a great New Years and long weekend, I know I certainly did!

New Years Eve, I went over to J's apt where he had some friends over to bring in 2010. I made baked Brie (a delicious recipe that my boss gave me), along with some humus and carrots.

Here is a pic of the Baked Brie:

Needless to say it was very good!


Wheel of brie
Raspberry Jam
Almonds (chopped)
puffed pastry
Wheat thins

After a great new years eve, I woke up on Friday and headed towards the city to meet up with N, M and S. We all got ready and left for Marblehead for M's parents New Years day party. It was a fun day which we ended by going to a local bar: Maddies.

A few pics of Marblehead:

Then on Saturday, we were going to head back to Boston, but we had a little car trouble. M's house is right on the water so after waiting four hours for the tow truck to come, we thought the wait was over. However after the tow truck turned around, it slid in the snow about 20 feet, another 10 feet, he would have ended up in the harbor. So he had to call another tow truck to come get him out. So after two tow trucks, they were finally able to get the little VW out of the snow and up to a mechanic. Then we took M's Moms car back to Boston.

Then on Saturday night we went out to dinner to this little Mexican restaurant, Casa Romero on Glouster street between Newbury and Comm Ave. It was so good! We had home made guac, cheese dips, tacos, chips and salsa to name a few things! Then we headed out to the bars. Because it was snowing so much, we decided to go to a little place around the corner, Daisy B's. It was a great night!

Now, the next step: get S to move up to Boston! I think we did a decent job of convincing her, but hopefully she will be up here in no time!

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