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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Finally getting a haircut!

Hello everyone!

So last night was pretty relaxing, j came over and polished off all the supper club leftovers which isn't too surprising. Everything tasted good reheated except the brie wasn't as melty as the night before (perhaps I could have left it in the oven longer, but J was starving...), but it was still very good!

Tonight I'm getting my haircut at Liquid Hair Salon, its this great place in the south end. You can kind of see how funky it is inside on the website, but I will try to remember to take a few pics tonight when I go. They have a disco ball in the middle, an Elvis shrine in the bathroom, cheetah print walls by the shampoo station and oh yea, the hair dressers look like they are in a rock band. From funky spiked hair that is multi-colored (that's what my amazing hairdresser looks like, but it is professionally done, so it makes the look really cool) to tight black pants to leather everywhere. I know, it doesn't seem like the type of place one would wonder into, but my old boss suggested going there and I fell in love with it! Oh and did I mention wine and cheese night on Friday or the fact that it is only $35 for a haircut?! Okay, okay I'll stop ranting about my hair salon, but really if anyone wants a great cut, go there!

After my haircut, I'll either be productive and go to the gym (which is really what I should do if I need to get into a bathing suit in 25 days! :-)) or go meet N and S at a trendy bar for good drinks...hmm..tough decision to make!

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