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Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom's birthday. I still need to get her something, (she already knows it will be late) but here is what I was thinking about getting her:

with matching earrings:

She absolutely loves Chicos, so I am just going to check the store first, and if they do not have something that I like better, then I am going to order that set for her.

This weekend was good. Just watched Ocean's 13 on Friday night, then Saturday did some errands. Then on Saturday night we just drank some wine and played darts FOR HOURS. I woke up today and my whole right side hurt and there is nothing else to blame but playing competitive darts with the boys for hours on end to explain the soreness. This leads me to believe that I am officially pathetic...I mean come on, DARTS?! I need to start working out more. And according to N, my horoscope is telling me to get my work outs in gear for 2010!

I cant wait until after work, I'm meeting up with my co-worker B for drinks and apps. I think we will probably go to the cheesecake factory because it is really good, love catching up and chatting in booths and its the half way point between our buildings! :-)

Have a good Monday all!

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