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Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Turn for SC

Since its been cold and rainy outside I decided to make a warm comforting meal for supper club. I have never made risotto so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to give it a whirl.

I found this recipe from the love of my life - Jamie Oliver! Even the name sounded delicious - Apple and Walnut Risotto with Gorgonzola. The recipe called for three types of cheese - goat cheese, Parmesan cheese and of course Gorgonzola - what could go wrong with all those cheeses and some apples and walnuts?!

For a side I went with this recipe which was also from JO. Seemed easy enough - basically had all the ingredients.

Then for dessert I wanted to make these peach crumb bars.

So I got home, started on the dessert because I was pretty sure that after eating a ton of risotto I wouldn't want to get up and make the crumb bars. So I made the batter and set it aside. Then started on the risotto by measuring out the chicken stock. I started pouring out the chicken stock and without even thinking I dumped it into the first container next to me...aka the BATTER! ugh dammit. Since I used the last of my flour and sugar, dessert had to be scratched.

After a few tears - kidding, but it was still very annoying, I continued on to the risotto. Did you know risotto takes a lifetime to make?! Well - now you know. We didn't end up eating until around 9:00 - oops, but it did turn out pretty well. Very cheesy, and creamy and I now can eat risotto for the next 25 days.

Then when the risotto had about 10 minutes left, I remembered about the carrots - oops, they need 30-40 minutes, well throw them in and crank up the heat...right?

Well basically we had really good risotto, raw carrots with some stuff thrown on them, and no dessert.

I think what will help my cooking skills will be a bigger kitchen. Yup - that's my excuse, try cooking with NO counter tops (I have to put a cutting board over my sink) while balancing items on my frig and on parts of the stove that aren't being used. Its like living on a joke. Oh day...until then I'll dream of a large kitchen with an island, counter tops, dish washer, microwave and garbage disposal...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Whats your 'Status Bro'?!

This past weekend I went out with some work friends on Friday night to Lir and McGreevys - always a good time.

Then Saturday I took the train up to meet M in Marblehead. We met up with some of her friends and took the boat out - so much fun! I'm terribly awkward on boats, maybe one day I'll feel a bit more comfortable on them, until then...thanks M for helping dodge face first falls off the boat as we are docking!

Then Saturday night M had her Peon Reunion. Even though they only had a couple of weeks to pull this event together, the girls did an amazing job! They had crazy raffle prizes like Burton snowboarding jackets, t-shirts, sun glasses, sailing magazine subscriptions, stickers, calendars, hats...

I was able to win a few things too! I never have any luck, so I'm surprised I actually walked away with anything!

The coolest thing I won, was a tank from Status Bro, stickers and Koozie from them.

These guys M knows from sailing started the business and its already taking off, take a look at some of the items:

Lobstahs for SC

Since M lives out right out on the water in Marblehead, they actually have lobster traps set up in the harbor which is awesome for us because we were able to eat fresh lobsters for dinner!

As a starter we had shrimp cocktail with homemade cocktail sauce.

With a cool summer salad:

Then the big guys were brought out:

So delicious - she served with with a lemon, garlic butter which was amazing!

And for dessert: Peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream!


Sorry guys! I was on vacation to LBI and Dewey Deleware for a week. Absolutely amazing weather! Did lots of eating, drinking, sun tanning, shopping, and hanging out with Family and friends!

After being at the beach for a week, I went home to Baltimore where I got to see my Dad and get oysters and beer at Cross Street Market.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Marblehead weekend

Saturday I met up with M and we headed out to Marblehead to get our bronze on. We took her families boat out to this cute little beach just a couple of minutes away, by boat that is.

SC - Fish Taco Style

Last week (I know, I'm really dropping the ball...sorry guys!) Nia made fish tacos which were out of this world! I've never had fish tacos before, so I might be a little bias, but wow, if they dont taste like these the next time, I can only eat hers!

On top of the little fried balls of love, she put a delicious Cole slaw with mango slices!

As a side, she had corn on the cob with cheese and tomatoes!

Then for dessert, she made grilled peaches with cream freche and crumbled ginger snaps:

Such a great dinner!
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