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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sorry I have been missing!

Update on my Life:

Weekend of October 8-9:

1. College Friends came into town and we had a fabulous time!
2. Dinner at Pho Basil on Friday night followed by lots of wine and tons of laughs
3. Saturday we walked around Newbery street and did some shopping at Madewell
4. Saturday Night we went to Molly's apartment for a pregame, then out to the Point by the North end for dancing - absolutely amazing time!
5. Sunday we went to brunch at Joe's American grille and gossiped :-)

Supper Club - Nia's Turn

1. She made an absolutely amazing dish of braised short ribs, with polenta and broccoli (sorry N if I butchered any of the names)
2. All I know - it was unbelievable

This past weekend:

1. My Dad came to visit the great city of Boston.
2. We went to brunch, then walked around Fanuiel Hall - Did some of the freedom Trail, but decided ducking into Sissy K's for a nice cold one would be a great idea

3. Then we had dinner in Chinatown - East Ocean City - which by far has the best Chinese food in Boston!
4. Sunday, we went to brunch at Charlies and headed towards Jerry Remy's to watch the Ravens vs. Patriots game. We sadly lost in OT, but it was an awesome game!
5. Then after, we did a little shopping - I got a new winter coat that I am in love with!

Check it out:

It will be perfect for the harsh winter ahead!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Last night I had a great time going with my book club ladies to see the infamous Broadway play, Wicked!

It was an absolutely amazing show, and would definitely recommend everyone living in Boston to see this show - it will truly blow you away!

I'm also very excited to see where our expanded book club will go. There was talk last night of trying to create a culture club where once a month we venture to some place in the city - Wine Tastings, MFA, Festivals, New Restaurants etc. Sounds like fun huh?! Sign me up!
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