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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Wow what a year, cant say it was all great, but it definitely ended great!

Leaving 2009, with a great job, friends, family and boyfriend, cant wait to see what 2010 brings. Tonight, instead of going out with my friends N, M and S to a bar in the south end, I'm going to go to to J's apt and hang inside with some of his friends. I just thought that after last years horrific night, it would be much more fun if i stayed in.

Last year:
The weather was absolutely ridiculous. A huge blizzard decided to come the day before NYE, making the walk to the cabs, and bars extremely hard especially in 3 feet of snow and more falling as the time passed. J and I made it to the bar in Cambridge, and stayed there the entire night. I would say it was 'okay', they had pool tables, and a full bar but because it was such a huge place and with so many pool tables we basically stood around playing pool for 8 lonngggg hours. After the ball dropped and several more drinks were consumed, we were ready to head back out into the snow. Walking down the street in the snow, there were no cabs to be found, ANYWHERE, even though J gave me his coat (aww) to wear over mine leaving him in a button down, I was still freezing. Eventually after what seems like hours but was probably just minutes, we decided to WALK back to Davis - and maybe see if we can get a cab. Basically thought we were going to die, but then out of nowhere this jeep wrangler stop next to us and asked if we needed a ride. We probably looks ridiculous and that's why they stopped, but THANK GOD they did! So we hopped in and made it back to the apt.

Needless to say, that is why I am staying in tonight! Good luck to all of you guys that are feeling adventurous to head out to the crowded bars!

Tomorrow should be fun too. M's mom is throwing a New Years day party out in Marblehead. So after tonight I'll head back to the city and meet up with the girls. It will be nice to see my 'Boston' family; The Stunzi's!

Not sure what else will take place this weekend, but I'm sure with S in town, it will be amazing!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last Supper Club of 2009

Last night marks the last supper club of 2009, we definitely went out with a bang! M made this chicken stuffed with stove top stuffing, it was delicious! We decided last night that after each of us makes three dishes, we will then start doing themed supper club months i.e Italian, Greek, Mexican, etc which forces everyone to get really creative!

Here are a few pics:


So after taking back the shirt from jcrew, I decided to look around on jcrew for sale items, and when I did, I hit the jackpot.

Here is what I got:

Pair of white shorts that tie on the side
Heather grey boyfriend tank top
Emblished necklace t-shirt
Two silk tops
Metallic gold belt
Rose bud pink bathing suit top and bottom

All of that for one top that I could have only worn once! Crazy!

Also S comes this weekend, cannot wait to see her!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Christmas Vaca

The Holidays were amazing! I got to check off everything on my list of things to do, people to see. It just went by so quickly! I think next year I will plan for a longer vacation home because I definitely miss my family and friends.

Here are a couple of pictures of the two different trees:

Moms house:

Dads house:

On Christmas we woke up and opened presents at Moms house then had an amazing breakfast. Literally my cousins (k and L) are freaking incredible cooks especially after the night befores dinner and dessert. They can cook with their eyes closed aka too much mulled wine/ eggnog haha. Then after breakfast we headed downtown to Dads to exchange SS gifts. Dad (who I had) loved all his board games, and other misc items that I thought could work for his house. Then mom had me, which started out a little 'ify' because as I was unwrapping all the gifts they all started out as gag gifts i.e cupcake mix that is for an easy bake oven, bath and body works tiny hotel soaps, etc. Then I finally got my real present which was TA DA... the shirt from j.crew!!! yay!!! I was so happy and excited to wear it. After staring at it for hours and planning different outfits in my head, I decided to check out how to clean this item, just for curiosity's sake. Well its says DO NOT WASH...okay not a problem... DO NOT DRY what does that mean?!...SPOT WASH...uh oh, that is definitely NOT going to happen, I don't even know what that means! So after several long hours of debating what I should do with this $140 top that I can basically only wear once, I decided the best option would be for me to take it back :-( I will probably just end up getting a bathing suit or something 'springy' to wear on the cruise.

Then the next day we woke up and went to meet back up with the cousins. Had delicious seafood lunch followed by a visit to the wine bar. It was such a trendy spot for it being in Baltimore (no offense of course) but I'm definitely going to go back! Then that night I went to visit B. I was very nervous driving there, in the rain, at night and driving a big SUV which haven't done since august. After getting lost twice I finally made it to B's apt. It was such a nice night, just drinking wine catching up. Her apt is absolutely adorable and is located in a great neighborhood with fun bars and restaurants.

Then we got breakfast at this bagel shop, and off I went back to Baltimore. The last day home was nice and relaxing, just sitting by the fire place watching the Ravens game.

Overall, it was a fantastic trip home to Baltimore, can't wait for next year!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dinner at Kashmir

Last night the bf decided to take me out to a romantic dinner!! We went to this place called Kashmir on Newbury Street. It was the best Indian place I have ever been to. From the cute little tables and chairs to the wall decor to the lovey music, it brought on such a cozy feeling.

The food was equally amazing. We had Naan with spinach and cheese, and meat samosas (dumplings with lamb in the middle) for an app. Then I had the Tandoori chicken (chicken with mango sauce) and J had the Jhinga Saag (spinach and shrimp). We also had another type of Naan (our favorite by far) which had crushed up almonds, coconut and cashews in the middle which made it very sweet, almost like dessert! And for a drink - sangria! We got the pitcher which was $22 which gave us about 7 glasses (wow) or you could get one glass for $12 - you pick! :-)

Even though the restaurant was a bit slow with taking our order and bringing our check, I loved it. I honestly love it when restaurants are slow (if I'm not in a rush of course) because you get to enjoy your meal, and have great conversations. Biggest pet peave is when people bring you the app with the food and before your done chewing, you get the check - whats the rush people?!

Thanks bf!! :-)

So tonight I get to go home to Baltimore, yippee!!! Cannot wait to see everyone! :-)

Now, I just need to get through work, get to the airport, and fly home...that shouldn't be too hard!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Home to Baltimore: My Agenda

Wow I get to go home tomorrow! Yay, could not be more excited! My cousins from the west coast are going to be in town as well!

My schedule:

6:30 - 7:45 am Go to work with all of my luggage
4:00 Leave and go to the airport
8:00 Arrive in Baltimore (I think A is picking me up?)
8:30 Go home to greet sisters, cousins and Mom
9:45 Go out for M's b-day. See Ab and Al (perhaps meet her bf?)

Thursday: CHRISTMAS EVE/M's bday
8:00 Pick up last minute xmas gifts with A
11:00 Go to M's bday brunch at her house
2:30 Go back home to wrap gifts and bake cookies with cousins
9:30 Secret Santas with cousins

9:00 Wake up at Mom's house eat fancy breakfast
12:00 Make way down to Dad's house
1:00 Secret Santa with Mom, Dad and sisters
3:00 Eat fancy Christmas lunch/dinner

10:00 Head back to Mom's house
7:00 Leave to go to N's home, then get on Metro to D.C., meet up with B
* Perhaps after Christmas day shopping?

9:00 Head back to Baltimore

6:30 am Fly back to Boston straight to work

Busy, Busy, Busy!! Cannot wait!! :-)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Its Snowing!

ONLY 4 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!! Yikes, I seriously need to get myself together!

Weekend was very relaxing. I went to the bf's place and stayed there ALL weekend. They were calling for snow - about 6-9 inches. Well they were wrong, we got more like 10-12 inches. It was soo pretty outside on Sunday!

Here are a few photos:

Walking on Commonwealth Ave

Another shot of Comm Ave

Outside of M and N's apt

After N, M and I did some shopping, we went back to their apartment to drop off our things and get ready for Dinner. We decided that this little place called chili duck on Boylston Street looked like a hole in the wall place, but because we have heard such great things from friends and, we went for it! It was actually really good! We had the crab raggoons, and this beef thing with dipping sauces for an app. Then we had Pad Thai with veggies and chicken, beef and veggies, and finally a hot pot with duck. We all agreed that the hot pot was a little off - too sweet, but everything else was amazing, we are definitely going back!

Once we left, we went back to their apartment where her mom dropped off a cute little Christmas tree for them to decorate, of course I helped!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Supper Club - My turn

Another supper club success! Last night, it was my turn to make dinner which always leaves me feeling a bit nervous. I am slowly learning how to cook, and with M and N being great cooks, I need to step it up. After I picked the recipe, which was a creamy pasta, here are the ingredients:

10 slices of bacon
fresh mint
1 lb of pasta/ mini shells
2 cups of peas (or whatever I used fresh asparagus)
2 table spoons of creme fraich
1 lemon
6 oz of Parmesan cheese
A 'dab' of olive oil

And luckily it turned out amazing!! Here are some pics:

So yummy! After, N still had the cookie dough from a couple of nights ago in the fridge, so we decided to make some cookies!

Once they were in the oven, M made some really good cocktails:

Orange soda


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Stuffed Mushrooms

So last night I decided to make these stuffed mushrooms because I saw it on this other blog and HAD to try it!

Don't they look yummy! They were so filling too, so I'm glad I had my bf there to eat them all!! :-)

1/2 lg yellow onion
10 oz of spinach
6 oz of goat cheese
Portabello mushrooms (it called for 6, but I had one giant one and one small one so I figured it all evened out)
olive oil
Penco bread crumbs

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa's List

Dear Santa,

I would like the following please:

From please!

Skinny headband - any kind please, I would really like a tortoiseshell one!

I would also like a very bright scarf - perhaps a bright neon yellow (is that a little much?). I could also use long socks (brown or black)and any kind of candy but especially chocolate!!



Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Xmas Cookies

So last night my friends and I decided to make cookies - well actually, N did and M and I helped. The dough is very tasty but we had to let it chill in the fridge last night, but tonight should be very easy to just cut them up and put in the oven.

Two kinds - one with chocolate chips, the other kind is a 'citrus' kind, made with pistachios (thanks M for getting those little buggers out of the shells), and lemon/orange zest. So we'll see how they turn out tonight.

On a side note - love, check out this funny guy

Hahah Love it

Monday, December 14, 2009

M Visits!

Another great weekend! My friend, Meredith, came up on Friday night. We did actually end up at the Parish Cafe. We split a bunch of different apps and had a couple glasses of wine. It was awesome, a great atmosphere to sit down, and catch up.

Saturday, we woke up, went to brunch on Newbery Street, then headed down to Quincy market. Mere suggested getting a cookie from one of the many candy vendors in the market, but decided that the market is no place to get a really good pastry. Therefore, we headed back out into the cold and towards the North End. We stopped in a few boutiques and eventually got to Mikes.It was soo good, I just love there homemade Italian desserts. Hands down, if anyone is looking for any kind of pastry, you NEED to go there! After, we headed back to my apartment to get ready for the company party. Before heading to the party, we met up with M, N and J then all left together. The party was a huge success, over 600+ people showed up. Food was good, dance floor was crowded the entire night, and drinks were had by everyone!

Then on Sunday, Mere and I met up with M and N and got some pizza for lunch and chatted about our fun night. Then we headed back and to watch some tv, the jersey Shore was on for like 3 hours. My god, that is the most ridiculous show I have EVER seen. Its like a car crash - you just can look away.

Overall - great weekend!

Friday, December 11, 2009

The plan for M!

Yay its Friday! This means that my friend comes in less than 8 hours! I'm planning on taking her to Parish Cafe on Bolyston street tonight. I have never been there but yelp says its a great little spot for 'comfort' food and drinks.

Then tomorrow I'm going to take her to Quincy Market and show her the north end as well. I'm a little worried because as the weather channel put it, it is supposed to be 'arctic' this weekend. Yikes, well that just means we will need to go into every shop and look around to make sure we are keeping warm. Perhaps I can get some Christmas shopping done!

Then on Saturday night, my company is having our annual holiday party, and from what I have heard from those that went last year, it should be an awesome time!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Last night, was a very relaxing night. My boyfriend tried to get me to watch the new start trek movie - I have never seen any star trek/star wars movies ever - so this was going to be a big night. Although it started out as a pretty good movie, I was asleep almost immediately. opps - guess i will have to watch it some other time!

This weekend, my best friend from high school comes - woohooo!! I cannot wait to show her around. She has never been here before, so I need to be an excellent tour guide and show her all the hotspots! It also looks like it is going to be around 17 degrees on Saturday night, so hopefully we wont freeze!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

M's Company Partayyy

M's company party was amazing! Hot dogs, hamburgers, mac & cheese and baked beans made for a filling and delicious meal, bei rut table had a competitive game going all night, photo booth was packed with friends and co-workers, and live music played by the CEO was being played throughout the night - all in all, it was a great night!

Did you know that there are only 16 days left until Christmas?! I need to get out there and start shopping!! Last year, as part of the recession my family and I all decided to do secret Santas. It was such a great success that we are doing it again this year. Instead of spending loads of money for each and every sister (3), cousin (2) and parent (2), it takes the stress out of Christmas, and makes the holiday's that much more enjoyable.

PS Only two more days until my best friend friend from high school comes to visit! I cant wait!! :-)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Supper Club- N's Turn

Supper club was another success! N made this delicious Italian wedding soup with a tart that had sweet onions and goat cheese, it was so good! Next week is my week so I have to get started on ideas!

Tonight we are all going to M's company party in the seaport district. It should be a really fun night - they are doing a throw back to 1989 when they first started doing business. M has planned the party, and because she was the social for our sorority, I know it will be a blast! Due to the recession, the company has cut back on the party by having it in house. M decided to have red solo cups, beer pong, and corn hole as the entertainment! I cant wait to see what's in store for us tonight!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Landsdowne Pub

What a great weekend!! On Saturday night, a bunch of us all went to the Landsdowne Pub by Fenway Park. I have never been there but it was so much fun. A band called Bearfight - my god, they were the best band I've ever seen at a bar - played every great song that you could think of, it was absolutely amazing! This is the link to the bands pictures, they had a camera out all night, so I cant wait to see all the photos when they put them up!

Then on Sunday my friends and I picked up Christmas cards and cookie dough! We thought, now that we are 'grown ups' we might as well send our friends and family some kind of holiday card.

Now, its Monday and tonight we have supper club! Once a week we all get together and one person makes dinner and everyone else brings a bottle of wine. Tonight is N's turn, last time she made an oven roasted chicken and potatoes - probably the best chicken I have ever had! So tonight, should be a great night of good food and great friends!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Blog!

Wow, my very first blog. I hope to keep this blog as I search to find new friends, great recipes and keep up to date events about my life!
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