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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Christmas Vaca

The Holidays were amazing! I got to check off everything on my list of things to do, people to see. It just went by so quickly! I think next year I will plan for a longer vacation home because I definitely miss my family and friends.

Here are a couple of pictures of the two different trees:

Moms house:

Dads house:

On Christmas we woke up and opened presents at Moms house then had an amazing breakfast. Literally my cousins (k and L) are freaking incredible cooks especially after the night befores dinner and dessert. They can cook with their eyes closed aka too much mulled wine/ eggnog haha. Then after breakfast we headed downtown to Dads to exchange SS gifts. Dad (who I had) loved all his board games, and other misc items that I thought could work for his house. Then mom had me, which started out a little 'ify' because as I was unwrapping all the gifts they all started out as gag gifts i.e cupcake mix that is for an easy bake oven, bath and body works tiny hotel soaps, etc. Then I finally got my real present which was TA DA... the shirt from j.crew!!! yay!!! I was so happy and excited to wear it. After staring at it for hours and planning different outfits in my head, I decided to check out how to clean this item, just for curiosity's sake. Well its says DO NOT WASH...okay not a problem... DO NOT DRY what does that mean?!...SPOT WASH...uh oh, that is definitely NOT going to happen, I don't even know what that means! So after several long hours of debating what I should do with this $140 top that I can basically only wear once, I decided the best option would be for me to take it back :-( I will probably just end up getting a bathing suit or something 'springy' to wear on the cruise.

Then the next day we woke up and went to meet back up with the cousins. Had delicious seafood lunch followed by a visit to the wine bar. It was such a trendy spot for it being in Baltimore (no offense of course) but I'm definitely going to go back! Then that night I went to visit B. I was very nervous driving there, in the rain, at night and driving a big SUV which haven't done since august. After getting lost twice I finally made it to B's apt. It was such a nice night, just drinking wine catching up. Her apt is absolutely adorable and is located in a great neighborhood with fun bars and restaurants.

Then we got breakfast at this bagel shop, and off I went back to Baltimore. The last day home was nice and relaxing, just sitting by the fire place watching the Ravens game.

Overall, it was a fantastic trip home to Baltimore, can't wait for next year!

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