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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

M's Company Partayyy

M's company party was amazing! Hot dogs, hamburgers, mac & cheese and baked beans made for a filling and delicious meal, bei rut table had a competitive game going all night, photo booth was packed with friends and co-workers, and live music played by the CEO was being played throughout the night - all in all, it was a great night!

Did you know that there are only 16 days left until Christmas?! I need to get out there and start shopping!! Last year, as part of the recession my family and I all decided to do secret Santas. It was such a great success that we are doing it again this year. Instead of spending loads of money for each and every sister (3), cousin (2) and parent (2), it takes the stress out of Christmas, and makes the holiday's that much more enjoyable.

PS Only two more days until my best friend friend from high school comes to visit! I cant wait!! :-)

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