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Monday, December 7, 2009

Landsdowne Pub

What a great weekend!! On Saturday night, a bunch of us all went to the Landsdowne Pub by Fenway Park. I have never been there but it was so much fun. A band called Bearfight - my god, they were the best band I've ever seen at a bar - played every great song that you could think of, it was absolutely amazing! This is the link to the bands pictures, they had a camera out all night, so I cant wait to see all the photos when they put them up!

Then on Sunday my friends and I picked up Christmas cards and cookie dough! We thought, now that we are 'grown ups' we might as well send our friends and family some kind of holiday card.

Now, its Monday and tonight we have supper club! Once a week we all get together and one person makes dinner and everyone else brings a bottle of wine. Tonight is N's turn, last time she made an oven roasted chicken and potatoes - probably the best chicken I have ever had! So tonight, should be a great night of good food and great friends!

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