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Friday, December 11, 2009

The plan for M!

Yay its Friday! This means that my friend comes in less than 8 hours! I'm planning on taking her to Parish Cafe on Bolyston street tonight. I have never been there but yelp says its a great little spot for 'comfort' food and drinks.

Then tomorrow I'm going to take her to Quincy Market and show her the north end as well. I'm a little worried because as the weather channel put it, it is supposed to be 'arctic' this weekend. Yikes, well that just means we will need to go into every shop and look around to make sure we are keeping warm. Perhaps I can get some Christmas shopping done!

Then on Saturday night, my company is having our annual holiday party, and from what I have heard from those that went last year, it should be an awesome time!

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