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Monday, December 14, 2009

M Visits!

Another great weekend! My friend, Meredith, came up on Friday night. We did actually end up at the Parish Cafe. We split a bunch of different apps and had a couple glasses of wine. It was awesome, a great atmosphere to sit down, and catch up.

Saturday, we woke up, went to brunch on Newbery Street, then headed down to Quincy market. Mere suggested getting a cookie from one of the many candy vendors in the market, but decided that the market is no place to get a really good pastry. Therefore, we headed back out into the cold and towards the North End. We stopped in a few boutiques and eventually got to Mikes.It was soo good, I just love there homemade Italian desserts. Hands down, if anyone is looking for any kind of pastry, you NEED to go there! After, we headed back to my apartment to get ready for the company party. Before heading to the party, we met up with M, N and J then all left together. The party was a huge success, over 600+ people showed up. Food was good, dance floor was crowded the entire night, and drinks were had by everyone!

Then on Sunday, Mere and I met up with M and N and got some pizza for lunch and chatted about our fun night. Then we headed back and to watch some tv, the jersey Shore was on for like 3 hours. My god, that is the most ridiculous show I have EVER seen. Its like a car crash - you just can look away.

Overall - great weekend!

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