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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dinner at Kashmir

Last night the bf decided to take me out to a romantic dinner!! We went to this place called Kashmir on Newbury Street. It was the best Indian place I have ever been to. From the cute little tables and chairs to the wall decor to the lovey music, it brought on such a cozy feeling.

The food was equally amazing. We had Naan with spinach and cheese, and meat samosas (dumplings with lamb in the middle) for an app. Then I had the Tandoori chicken (chicken with mango sauce) and J had the Jhinga Saag (spinach and shrimp). We also had another type of Naan (our favorite by far) which had crushed up almonds, coconut and cashews in the middle which made it very sweet, almost like dessert! And for a drink - sangria! We got the pitcher which was $22 which gave us about 7 glasses (wow) or you could get one glass for $12 - you pick! :-)

Even though the restaurant was a bit slow with taking our order and bringing our check, I loved it. I honestly love it when restaurants are slow (if I'm not in a rush of course) because you get to enjoy your meal, and have great conversations. Biggest pet peave is when people bring you the app with the food and before your done chewing, you get the check - whats the rush people?!

Thanks bf!! :-)

So tonight I get to go home to Baltimore, yippee!!! Cannot wait to see everyone! :-)

Now, I just need to get through work, get to the airport, and fly home...that shouldn't be too hard!

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