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Monday, December 21, 2009

Its Snowing!

ONLY 4 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!! Yikes, I seriously need to get myself together!

Weekend was very relaxing. I went to the bf's place and stayed there ALL weekend. They were calling for snow - about 6-9 inches. Well they were wrong, we got more like 10-12 inches. It was soo pretty outside on Sunday!

Here are a few photos:

Walking on Commonwealth Ave

Another shot of Comm Ave

Outside of M and N's apt

After N, M and I did some shopping, we went back to their apartment to drop off our things and get ready for Dinner. We decided that this little place called chili duck on Boylston Street looked like a hole in the wall place, but because we have heard such great things from friends and, we went for it! It was actually really good! We had the crab raggoons, and this beef thing with dipping sauces for an app. Then we had Pad Thai with veggies and chicken, beef and veggies, and finally a hot pot with duck. We all agreed that the hot pot was a little off - too sweet, but everything else was amazing, we are definitely going back!

Once we left, we went back to their apartment where her mom dropped off a cute little Christmas tree for them to decorate, of course I helped!

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