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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Wow what a year, cant say it was all great, but it definitely ended great!

Leaving 2009, with a great job, friends, family and boyfriend, cant wait to see what 2010 brings. Tonight, instead of going out with my friends N, M and S to a bar in the south end, I'm going to go to to J's apt and hang inside with some of his friends. I just thought that after last years horrific night, it would be much more fun if i stayed in.

Last year:
The weather was absolutely ridiculous. A huge blizzard decided to come the day before NYE, making the walk to the cabs, and bars extremely hard especially in 3 feet of snow and more falling as the time passed. J and I made it to the bar in Cambridge, and stayed there the entire night. I would say it was 'okay', they had pool tables, and a full bar but because it was such a huge place and with so many pool tables we basically stood around playing pool for 8 lonngggg hours. After the ball dropped and several more drinks were consumed, we were ready to head back out into the snow. Walking down the street in the snow, there were no cabs to be found, ANYWHERE, even though J gave me his coat (aww) to wear over mine leaving him in a button down, I was still freezing. Eventually after what seems like hours but was probably just minutes, we decided to WALK back to Davis - and maybe see if we can get a cab. Basically thought we were going to die, but then out of nowhere this jeep wrangler stop next to us and asked if we needed a ride. We probably looks ridiculous and that's why they stopped, but THANK GOD they did! So we hopped in and made it back to the apt.

Needless to say, that is why I am staying in tonight! Good luck to all of you guys that are feeling adventurous to head out to the crowded bars!

Tomorrow should be fun too. M's mom is throwing a New Years day party out in Marblehead. So after tonight I'll head back to the city and meet up with the girls. It will be nice to see my 'Boston' family; The Stunzi's!

Not sure what else will take place this weekend, but I'm sure with S in town, it will be amazing!!

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