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Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Turn for SC

Since its been cold and rainy outside I decided to make a warm comforting meal for supper club. I have never made risotto so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to give it a whirl.

I found this recipe from the love of my life - Jamie Oliver! Even the name sounded delicious - Apple and Walnut Risotto with Gorgonzola. The recipe called for three types of cheese - goat cheese, Parmesan cheese and of course Gorgonzola - what could go wrong with all those cheeses and some apples and walnuts?!

For a side I went with this recipe which was also from JO. Seemed easy enough - basically had all the ingredients.

Then for dessert I wanted to make these peach crumb bars.

So I got home, started on the dessert because I was pretty sure that after eating a ton of risotto I wouldn't want to get up and make the crumb bars. So I made the batter and set it aside. Then started on the risotto by measuring out the chicken stock. I started pouring out the chicken stock and without even thinking I dumped it into the first container next to me...aka the BATTER! ugh dammit. Since I used the last of my flour and sugar, dessert had to be scratched.

After a few tears - kidding, but it was still very annoying, I continued on to the risotto. Did you know risotto takes a lifetime to make?! Well - now you know. We didn't end up eating until around 9:00 - oops, but it did turn out pretty well. Very cheesy, and creamy and I now can eat risotto for the next 25 days.

Then when the risotto had about 10 minutes left, I remembered about the carrots - oops, they need 30-40 minutes, well throw them in and crank up the heat...right?

Well basically we had really good risotto, raw carrots with some stuff thrown on them, and no dessert.

I think what will help my cooking skills will be a bigger kitchen. Yup - that's my excuse, try cooking with NO counter tops (I have to put a cutting board over my sink) while balancing items on my frig and on parts of the stove that aren't being used. Its like living on a joke. Oh day...until then I'll dream of a large kitchen with an island, counter tops, dish washer, microwave and garbage disposal...

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  1. Love risotto! Can't wait to try that recipe Ash!


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