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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Second Time Around

This morning reconfirmed that I want to someday get an English bulldog and name him marshmallow! As I was walking, I saw the cutest bulldog off in the distance, alone. I know :-(! He was brown and white, his tongue was too large for his mouth so it was sticking out on the side, just walking along. At first, I wanted to scoop him up and find his owners, but I have to get to work and I cant exactly scoop him up as he is well over 65 lbs. Then I looked up and his owner was in the doorway of their apartment building, which I was amazed at! That is so cool, this dog can just go out mozy around, go to the bathroom then head back up the stairs where his owner my dog is so going to be doing that especially when it is bitter cold out!

I'm so excited, today at lunch I'm meeting up with B to go to the store Second Time Around! Look at this sign in the window:

I know, everything is 70% off! That is rediculous!

Stay tuned to see if I get anything ;-)

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