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Thursday, March 25, 2010

My dress dilemma

Welp I gave in, and ventured to Jcrew last night. Of course we have been on a break recently, but decided I haven't gone in a good 2 months, so now is the time! I went in a instantly fell in love with this skirt:

I think it will be so cute with sandals and a blazer or cardigan! I know, these skirts are a bit over played, but I couldn't resist the neon!

So, my dress dilemma. As many of my blog friends know, Alumni weekend (I hope everyone is going!!) is approaching very quickly. For this Alumni event, all the girls are required to buy an extremely cute, fun spring dress to wear on Saturday. This is the day where everyone goes to have bloodies and bagels in the morning, lacrosse game, then endless fraternity parties during the day. So - it's VERY important to have a good hardy dress that will last through the day and if your lucky, on another occasion after Roanoke College. So, I have been searching and searching and have found nothing! Absolutely nothing! You name it, I've been there - Jcrew, Gap, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft, Lord and Taylor, Anthropologie Lit on Newbury, Crush and Wish (boutiques on Newbury and Charles Street). I'm going to go to Baltimore soon so hopefully on the list is Nordstroms, and South Moon Under.

I know - surprised? I am, this is supposed to be fun/easy, especially at my fav store, jcrew! I did find this dress:

It fit like a glove, absolutely perfect! The only problem was, they only have a black one - great, I'm not going to a funeral, this will NOT work. So the lady checked all the jcrew's and apparently, this is THE dress to be had because it is sold out everywhere - even online! Ugh...the search is still on, stay tuned...

Have you ladies gotten a dress yet? Do you have any suggestions as to where I can find one? Help!

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