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Friday, March 26, 2010

'Girls night out'

Happy Friday everyone!

I'm so excited, tonight should be a blast! A couple of friends and I are all going to this event called Shecky's girls night out. I went last year, and had to so much fun that I told everyone I knew that we have to go again this year!

Okay, brace yourself. It is $20, which gets you inside to all the glorious deals, free drinks, goodie bags full of all kinds of awesome products, and an amazing time without any boys standing over your shoulder asking you if 'you really need that' - please of course I need this glittery hot pink purse, kidding!

Last year, I got this necklace (which evidently I'm too rough with because I have broken the chain twice already, ugh) but its my fav, so I'm on the hunt this year, for another one!

(here's a pic of me wearing it, I'm in the middle, you have to squint a little bit, but its a little turquoise bead on a gold chain)

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