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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The most hassled laundry experience EVER

Last night I decided I needed to get my laundry done. Since I do not have a laundry machine in my building, its a huge commitment. So I packed up everything in my duffel bag and set off to Beacon Hill where they have a laundry mat.

After I walked the 5ish blocks, stopped by an ATM for cash, I was ready. Everything went into ONE laundry machine - it all fit, so thats fine right? Maybe not, oh well, I continued on, put the dry soap (thats all they had) into the machine and waited about 25 minutes. I did do a little shopping on the side, but that can be later.

After I come back, and need to switch my laundry to the dryer, I notice a ton of little white beads EVERYWHERE - so I guess the dry soap didnt work at all...great. Whatever, onto the dryer. I put it in three different machines to dry. Since I got $5 worth of quarters before for the washing machine, I still had a few quarters left over. After filling each of the machines with about 14 minutes worth of quarters, I need to get more. The machine DOESN'T have any more quarters...what. the. hell.

So after 14 minutes, I neatly fold up my sopping wet clothes and put back into my duffel bag. IT weighs twice as much as it did before, great. Walk the 5ish blocks home, lug it up 7 flights of stairs (its really 5, but the flights are extra long) into the tiny apartment. Where I then proceed to hang up every. single. piece. of. clothing. SO annoying. At least by today I will have clean clothes...

Happy Thursday!

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