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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lizzy comes to Boston!

I'm so excited, tomorrow morning my youngest sister, LL is flying into Boston! I'm so glad its going to be sunny, and beautiful this weekend, perfect for being a tourist!

Friday's plan:
1. Pick Lizzy up from Logan
2. Bring her back to my apartment to drop her things off
3. SEE ALL OF BOSTON! Start by going down Newbury Street, cross the parks, walk through the financial district to Fanniel Hall. Eat lunch somewhere around there, then head towards the North End. Stop by Mikes pastries and Bobbles and lace! Then head back towards back bay, stopping by Charles Street to see all the little boutiques!

1. Picnic on the Charles with N and M - champs, and apps!
2. Make delicious pasta dinner (the creamy one that I made back in December)

So Excited!!!

(not the greatest pic, but we'll get a good one this weekend!)

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