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Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Update!

My weekend was so much fun, even though the weather was nothing but rainy and chilly all weekend, I was all over the place!

Friday night, Z helped me get an AC Unit -thank god! Even though it was only in the mid 60's this weekend, I'm sure come July, I will be so happy to have this little bugger. Then we went out to the Pourhouse and Lir for a few drinks!

Then on Saturday, N and I headed towards Chinatown for some Dim Sum and ended up in the midst of the gay pride parade! I actually ended up attending three different gay pride events without even knowing it, it was awesome, so much fun to see all the support!

Then Saturday night, we went towards the Fenway area for dinner. S, N and I went for Mexican at La Verdad - absolutely the best mexican food (at the best price) that I've had in Boston. I got the very last torta (which apparently takes 3 days to make) they had, soo good!! I would recommend anyone that loves Mexican as much as I do, to definitely check this place out! And I heard they have $1 tacos on Tuesday - um, I'm so there. Then headed towards rattlesnake for a drink - which I guess was the after party for the parade, everyone was still in crazy outfits looking to get their dance on... haha it was certainly nothing I've seen before!

Then on Sunday, N and I just walked around the south end, walked through the block party on Stewart street:

Sunday night was finished with amazing Jamie Oliver cheese burgers that N made, followed by watching the Celtics game. N and I watched so many episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians, and E true Hollywood story of the Kardashians, that watching the game with Lamar Oden was actually pretty fun. We were trying to figure out if Khloe would be there, but I guess she doesn't like the Boston crowd too much. Haha put any reality star into a sports game, and I will definitely watch the game!

Such a fun weekend!

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