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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stephy's first SC

Since S has been to Boston several times, she has only been a guest at SC but because she has ventured up to Boston to live here, now she is officially part of the club! Last night it was first time to cook for everyone and she did an amazing job!

Our Chef:

She had such a cute set up, with delicious apps!

Then she made Parmesan Chicken, with chopped salad and couscous!

It was so good - way to go S!!!

We were talking last night about mixing it up a bit next time.


1. Themed monthly Supper Clubs
2. Secret ingredient for a month (i.e guiness beer or chocolate or something obscure)
3. 'Best of's - making the top notch dishes that were really popular
4. Trading recipes and trying out someone else's dish they already made. I would really like to try and make fish!

So stay tuned...its about to get wild haha

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  1. What a beautiful spread, the chicken and cous cous look delicious (who am I kidding - it ALLLLLL looks fabulous!!) Well done Stephy! xox


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