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Thursday, June 24, 2010

J.P Morgan Corporate Challenge!

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Today I am running my first 5K in what feels like a 100 years. Well I guess the last one I did was Race for the Cure...when I was in high school. Awesome. It should be fun, we all got funny shirts that say 'Run like you stole something from an online store' haha we are cleaver!

After talking with a few people that have done this race in the years past, it is a bit like running with Cattle, turning corners leads to people walking, and the walkers will go 6 people wide, so this should be more of a social event than anything else - which I think is great for my first 5k!

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Also, the weather for this afternoon is hideous. It is supposed to be torrential downpour, lighting and thundering with a chance of hail. Perfect.

Well this should be a fun evening, I'm just looking forward to hanging out with my work friends!

Happy Thursday!

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