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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Update on my trip to Baltimore

This past weekend was so intense, non stop eating, drinking, hanging out with family and friends while trying to keep up with all the drama :-)

Thursday night, I was supposed to go see my Dad and get dinner with him. Well that didnt happen, he actually got bit by a spider the weekend before and didn't see a doctor until his entire leg had swelled up and needed to go to the hospital. He stayed there from Wednesday through the entire weekend. Craziness.

So Lizzy and I headed home to see my Mom and eat dinner/drink wine. We ended up staying up pretty late just catching up, which was really nice.

Friday, I woke up and work from home. Then I met up with Abbie for a little shopping (we both are going to weddings the next day). Then go meet up with Mom and Lizzy to get toes done!

Friday night, I meet up with Allison and we head down to Canton. Ahh Canton - such an awesome night! Next time, I'm wearing jeans and a tee - no more cocktail outfits!

Saturday, we head to Havre de Grace for Colins wedding. It was such a nice ceremony and reception. My only complaint is that is was 90 degrees, and the ceremony was under direct sunlight - needless to say, we were all dripping. Then after we head into the Inn where the reception is, and my god - they didnt have any AC either, it was just one sweaty evening!

Then we head to the bar after the reception. That was just filled with more drama, but overall very fun night! We ended up staying at our little hobbit house which was perfect because it was only a block away from the bar everyone was going to that night:

Sunday, we head back to Towson, and meet up with my Dad who luckily just got released from the hospital for crabs and beer.

Night was ended with meeting up with Allison and Abbie getting coffee followed by an early 4am wake up to head to the airport.

Love Baltimore...should probably book my next ticket soon :-)

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