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Friday, April 30, 2010

House of Blues!

I'm so excited its the weekend! I'm going to grab a drink after work with some work friends at Symphony 8 which will be fun - buckets of beer and great food. Then my friend Jamie invited me to go to a concert tonight at the House of Blues! I've never been there before, so I snagged a pic from google just to see what the outside looks like!

We are going to see Corinne Bailey Rae/Daniel Merriweather! I'm not familiar with them (Jamie knows EVERYTHING about music) so he is going to bring in their CD's for me to listen to today. Hopefully I will be able to find a few favs, listen to them on repeat all day, then be able to sing along tonight!

So excited for tonight - should be a great time!

Then my friend Steph is coming tomorrow to do a little apartment hunting for the big move to Boston June 1st.

Saturday night, I'm planning on going to a Derby party at my friend Beth's house, which is always a good time!

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  1. Of course you later learned that you DID know Corinne Bailey Rae :-) Put Your Records On!


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