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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympics 2010

I absolutely love watching the Olympics - especially snowboarding and ice skating (two things that I have tried but have failed miserably).

New Hero, Shaun White:

He is insane! Making up new tricks for the sport, winning by a landslide and doing a victory lap aka double Mctwist 1260 all to win the gold medal, seriously what more can he do?!

Also proud of Lindsey Vonn! After watching six different skiers wipe out while going down the hill, you have to think she is amazing for staying on her own two feet! But seriously, if I were one of the girls that fell, I would be really upset. Not only did they not have a chance to go 100% down the hill, but the conditions made it nearly impossible. If six Olympian athletes are all falling down (aka flying 200 feet into the air then sliding into a ditch only to be air lifted out of the course for a severe knee injury)- MAKE SOME CHANGES ON THE COURSE ! Apparently now they will be changing the hills so that they aren't 'as steep' and not 'as long', so we'll have to see.

Way to go USA!

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