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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Trip to the Bahamas

Sorry I haven't posted in the past week. J and I were took a cruise to the Bahamas! It was so much fun, even though I did come back a bit more deep fried than I would have liked, it was an awesome trip.

We flew down to Miami where we hopped onto the boat for our 4 day tour to three different islands in the Bahamas; Freeport, Nassau, and Norwegian's own island. It was a bit windy during our trip and the weather wasn't exactly up to my standards (90s and sunny the entire time) but I was still able to lay on the beach and boat all day long!

Freeport was basically us just laying on the beach all day then heading back to the ship. (We cruised at night, and were at a port during the day). Nassau was really cool, since we had seriously burned ourselves from the day before, we decided to tour the little city and find our way around the island. Getting off the ship, each and every time I would walk by a local lady she would basically harass me by continuously asking me if I wanted my hair braided - shocking to see how many grown women actually fell for it when walking around the boat later that evening! After wondering the city, we walked back toward the beach. Since we weren't technically staying at the Atlantis, we decided to walk along the beach and sneak into their paradise island (where all the wicked cool slides and coves with sharks are located) to have a look around - absolutely amazing, I would fly down just to stay there for a few days or FOREVER!

After sight seeing Nassau, we headed back to the ship where we got dinner and tried gambling. I am terribly nervous about gambling so I just watched J play black jack for a while. Its not as nerve racking watching someone else lose all their money ;-) But then I decided - when in Rome, seriously I need to suck it up! - so I went for roulette. I played with only $20 - I know big spender haha - and played a few, won some, lost some. But then I decided to put one dollar on '0' and actually won! I know, that's $35! woooohoooo! So after I broke even, I gave the rest to J to play in black jack. It was amazing seeing how many people were just throwing around $100 bills on single hands of black jack! That will NEVER be me!

I will post pictures soon!!!

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