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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Last weekend was the end to my cousin's visit in Boston, so we packed in a full schedule of tourist spots that we needed to hit up before she flew back to Cali!

On Friday we met up for pedicures and some shopping!

I couldn't resist, I just love the neon colors and had to get the bright orange on my toes!


Then we went back to Liz's hotel Nine Zero where they had a free cocktail hour from 5-6 (uh, we are so there!). B met us and after a few drinks we left to go see Inception. The movie was definitely good, but you really need to pay attention! Perhaps watching it again once it is out on DVD will help make more sense of the movie.

Then Saturday we went to Mikes Pastries for a canoli and some espresso! After, we went walked around the North end and ended up at Pizzeria Reginas. Absolutely recommend everyone to visit the restaurant because their pizza is amazing and their drink prices are unreal!

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