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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

SC on a Hot Summer Night

Last night M made a delish meal! She had smoked Smoked Salmon wrapped in dill cream cheese. This was my first time having smoked Salmon - and it was really good! Steph and I came to the conclusion that it has the same taste as ham. Yes, that is right, ham!

Then she made a cucumber salad:

Then she had these delicious shrimp:

Such a great meal for a hot summer night!

Tonight is book club but I sadly can't go :-( My cousin from Cali just flew in last night and is staying with me for the next 10 days. She is doing this Harvard grad program, so she will be bunking up in the tree house! For our nightly activity; we are going to go meet up with my friend Amy for a drink at Drink!

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