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Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Fun

This weekend was pretty fun. On Friday I went out with work friends to McGreevey's for a drink or two. Then I left and met up with my friend Amy and her roommate Liza for drinks at Tias. Then we left a little early, and my friend Nikki called to see what I was up to (she went back to McGreevey's after the game) so I headed back there.

Then on Saturday, Margs and I went to get our toes done. Then we met up with Nia and went to Uburger for lunch which is sort of like Five Guys. After, we headed up to Marblehead for the night. Always a good time.

(view from marg's porch)

Then on Sunday, Margs decided to make sticky buns for her mom, we Nia and I both helped. They were so delicious and terribly bad for you, but gotta love Barefoot Contessa!

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