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Friday, May 28, 2010

Week update

Vacation was amazing! So nice to have no schedule, and just be able to relax!

I got back on Wednesday night and headed to M and N's place for a glass of wine and to catch up, N made this delicious cold pasta that I had to help myself to! Then yesterday I went to a red sox game (my first!) which was so fun! Fenway is such a great park, I can totally see why there is so much talk about going to the games!

Then this weekend I head back down to Baltimore to hang with the fam by the poolside! Also need to go and see SATC 2 which I cannot even believe I haven't seen yet!

Because I went from Punta Cana to Baltimore, then back up to Boston to stay here for just 2 days to leave again for Baltimore, I have come to the conclusion that I desperately need to buy a computer! It would have been so nice to just stay in Baltimore, work from home, and fly back on Monday. I'm thinking Mac bookpro - any thoughts?

Happy Friday everyone!

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