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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope everyone has a wonder Valentines day! I recently just saw a news clip on 'what women expect for valentines day' - and the answer?! are you kidding me? That's ridiculous if you ask me. I think this holiday is a bit silly, but all I ask is a little something to celebrate the holiday.

Personally, I think anything that is bought needs to be under $50 for sure. Like a little bracelet, some flowers, something small.

Some ideas:

Or this Nashelle Mini Heart Charm thats only $28.

Even flowers can get insane - a dozen roses for the oh-so-affordable price of $100 (or more), uhh...still too much if you ask me. A small boutique of flowers (not necessarily roses) would make me happy as a clam.

Then either go to a restaurant or what N and I did last year - make dinner. I think its more personal, and a lot more fun to pick out a good recipe, make it together while enjoying a good glass of wine.


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