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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was a blast! Went snowboarding at Loon - which was absolutely amazing. I have never been on such awesome trails before - only rinky dinky mountains like Liberty and Round top, which in comparison were just little hills as opposed to entire mountain sides.

I've never liked snowboarding with goggles - feels too much like swimming, so I don't use them. However after this past weekend, I am in desperate need of them asap. It was so cold that at one point, my eyes were watering so badly that I had to stop in the middle of the mountain to take little pieces of ice off my eye lashes! Crazy huh?

Overall weekend was amazing, I did feel a little bad because N, S and R were such good snowboarders/skiers that I was definitely holding them up a bit. And the only down side was that when I got home on Sunday night, I realized I had lost my wallet somewhere at Loon. I actually know where I left it - at the bar area. I decided after the ice issue that I had had enough, so I went inside to warm up and treat myself to a bloody mary. I got a bloody mary and sat down with wallet in hand. Then I went to put it in my pocket - but I must have actually put it in the zipper part where it is not a pocket but under your arm for ventilation - or whatever? So I must have stood up and out goes my wallet. Total bummer.

So I picked up this bad boy yesterday at Michael Kors (actually got it in black):

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